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LOVE NOTES' From My Covers (755 hits)


Reading from my covers. . .

My Dear Everlasting Eternal Love:

I never tire.
Always loving you.

From my covers I give you my whole
love's heart.
How touching is this love as covers moved.
I see the images of past, present and future love-making.
Gifted love sleeps with me and I wear a necklace where
You and I can be seen together in a beds made of jewels.
The covers are adorned with our intimate writings.
From writings of ParadiseCopyrighted.

MY Love Notes' never ceases. . . .
therefore, I will write them again at another time.
Posted By: MIISRAEL Bride
Saturday, July 30th 2016 at 10:48AM
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I said the human on earth besides family I've had the deepest love with is Seany plum chupee Combs. I want for nothing but others to experience the unique passionate connection. I'm a be okay
Saturday, July 30th 2016 at 11:01AM
Elynor Moss
I understand and agree..

Love is a unique connection because God is LOVE-- very passionate in love.

I vow as a bride of Christ, often I am misunderstood because many have not experienced such a love from a human point of view however; I remind them promptly this love is not like flesh, "it must be spiritual provided by The Holy Spirit. "

Many I have spoken with have not known the Holy Spirit were puzzled at me. I explain to them I do not coach demon seducing spirits; they are not allowed by the Holy Ghost.

I can see the spiritual and the unique passionate connection of your love.

I'd say your are okay.\\\Smiles.

Saturday, July 30th 2016 at 12:14PM
As a writer and author I often express deep passions. The experience is beautiful and breathtaking!


Saturday, July 30th 2016 at 12:18PM
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