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8 Thoughts To Master The Art of Romance (327 hits)

Every girl appreciates when a ďstrong, silent manĒ shares his feelings shows a softer side to him sheís never seen. It might explain some womenís fascination with the concept of the mysterious man. This type of man seems to be mysterious, but she needs to see he is thoughtful, caring, and creative.

The problem is, many guys donít know how to be romantic. Romance is an elusive word. We can point it out when itís displayed, but most guys donít really understand what it means. However, by knowing the thoughts behind romance, any guy can become a master.

Romantic literature featured the Byronic hero, inspired by English poet Lord George Gordon Byron. Heís not your standard, unreachable heroĖheís authentic and real. Often he suffers depression, loneliness, and shame. Heís atypical and strange, but loves deeply and emotionally. Heís driven by strong conviction and he doesnít waver from his beliefs.

Today, you see the Byronic hero take shape in characters like the vampire Edward Cullen, the tortured Batman portrayed by Christian Bale, Don Draper, and James Bond. Make no mistake, while the Byronic character may be a bit tortured and creative, heís strong in personality and substance, and when he does something romantic, itís significant and deep in meaning thatís attractive to a girl.

Being romantic isnít easy to describe because itís not simply an action.

The Byronic hero should give every guy a sense of hope in dating who otherwise feels rejected and maybe awkward. Just like the mystery of the Byronic hero, being romantic embodies characteristics that can be accessed and demonstrated by every guy.

A romantic act is unexpected, thoughtful, uncommon, impractical, heroic, emotional, spiritual, and sensual.

8 Thoughts To Master The Art of Romance

Itís unexpected: While many women may consider it romantic when her boyfriend or husband brings home flowers every Monday night, itís unanticipated gestures that truly command attention, embody romance, and become memorable. Itís why girls always want to know how a guy proposed: because generally, the best proposals come at the least expected time, as when he surprises her by getting down on one knee.

Itís thoughtful: Romantic gestures shouldnít be cookie-cutter events, but are best when personalized to the girl. Just like every girl is unique, the romantic act should match her uniqueness. This takes time and noticing little things that make a big difference to her.

For example, whatís her favorite dessert? Take her to a restaurant that serves it. Whoís her favorite actress? Take her to a film with her in it.

Itís uncommon: Buying chocolates and red roses for Valentineís Day may be necessary, but the best romantic acts are those that are out of the ordinary.

Since Kristen has always wanted to be a princess, I took her to Hearst Castle for her birthday. Tickets were reasonable. I also took her horseback riding on the beach. She describes it as her best birthday ever.

The key is to provide a unique experience. It could be a drive-in movie or as simple as identifying starts on a clear night. Like the sky, romantic love is larger-than-life. Itís why you want to go over-the-top to express it.

Itís impractical: A romantic act is often extravagant and impractical. It may not mean much to you, as a guy, but it means a lot to a woman. Generally, the most romantic gifts have no utilitarian purpose. Sheís probably not going to be impressed by a new tool set, but a personal note can mean a lot.

Itís heroic: Heroic romance is self-sacrifice on behalf of the girl. It can be as simple as giving her the last scoop of ice cream or giving up a night with the guys. It happens when a man is willing to give up his own comfort or pride to protect and care for the girl.

Itís emotional: A boy is often taught itís not ok to display vulnerability or emotion except for anger. When he becomes a man, emotions may seem all but dead and dried up. However, all humans are created to have passion and feeling. No matter where you are on the spectrum, every guy can access his feelings and show a girl he cares for her and loves her. It doesnít matter what you do. Maybe your poem doesnít rhyme or your drawing is a pitiful stick-figure. If she feels the emotion, it will be romantic to her.

Itís spiritual: Aristotle described love as ďone soul and two bodies,Ē because the top tier of romance ultimately has to be transcendent. Itís why sharing the same faith can enhance a relationship.

Itís sensual: One of my wifeís favorite romantic gestures is when I come up behind her and kiss her neck. Make no mistake, any guy can be inspired by the points above, but if a girl doesnít feel any chemistry, thereís really no romance. Be a gentleman, but donít discount s*xual energy. If youíre in the dating phase and waiting to have s*x for marriage, it should be difficult for you because chemistry is still important. You wonít lose chemistry when you discuss and agree upon physical boundaries, youíll preserve it for the right time.

Maybe you donít have the hair of Edward Cullen, the strength of Batman, the authority of Don Draper, or the suaveness of James Bond, but you do have the depth of a soul that ultimately can win a girlís heart over. Every guy can be the Byronic hero. How will you begin?

Posted By: Elly Moss
Saturday, August 27th 2016 at 7:56AM
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I love romance...
Friday, November 30th 2018 at 11:11AM
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